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Willow is a wonderful, sustainable and robust material that can be used to create objects that are both beautiful and useful. 

In July 2023  I created a Willow Craft Garden as a show feature at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, highlighting the ways that willow can be used in the garden, in many cases replacing plastic and other materials with a high carbon footprint. 

I planted my first willows here in 2006, originally as a way to make use of a boggy patch on the field. I quickly discovered its many uses including building living willow structures, fedges, feeding the sheep, making wreaths and all maner of woven items.

Over the years I've added more and now grow a range of purpurea, triandra, alba, tortuosa and viminalis varieties.

Rods are used mainly in my creations and workshops and cuttings are available in season - usually December until the end of February.

As well as retail items, I also offer a range of my handmade willow creations on a wholesale basis to independent florists, gift shops, garden centres etc. Please get in touch for details.

You can see my current willow workshops here.

If you would like a bespoke workshop please get in touch.

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