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I work with as much care shown for the environment as is possible. I have grown on my land for over 20 years and will do so, hopefully, for a great many more. Sustainability for me is not just a marketing buzz word, it's central to every decision I make for my willow and flowers.

I do not use floral foams of any kind, neither do I use any single use plastics or paper pulp pots.

Bunches and bouquets are wrapped in paper which is fully compostable.

All of my wreaths are made of natural material grown here such as willow, dogwood and vines. I do not use wire or plastic in wreaths.

As I grow all of the material that will be in your arrangement, I can guarantee that no chemicals were used during their growth or during their arrangement. Only clean water is used to condition the flowers once cut, not artificial flower food.

I use home made compost,  and make nettle tea and comfrey tea for fertilisers. The chickens contribute their poop to the proceedings and my huge comfrey patch contributes its bulk to conditioning the soil. Any compost that I need to buy in is peat free.

My potted willow and plants are sold in either recycled pots or pots made from recyclable plastic.

No air miles are associated with my flowers or plants as they are all grown here.

Hard work, time and care means that your willow and flowers tread lightly on the earth but offer maximum impact when it comes to beauty and fragrance.

If you have any questions regarding the sustainability of my willow and flowers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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