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Latin name Dipsacus fullonium

Common name Teasel


Height 2m


A rather spectactular plant reaching a height of about 6 feet.

In the summer it has lilac flowers but its the wonderfully prickly, architectural seed heads that make the Teasel a must have. That and its wonderful benefits to wildlife.

They will happily grow anywhere and will freely self seed.



Delivery to UK addresses only.

Cherry Tree Flower Farm is registered and inspected by APHA.


All of the seeds that I sell here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm are the ones that I use myself on the flower field to be grown for bunches, bouquets and other arrangements. Some are seeds that I source from commercial suppliers and a growing number are those that I harvest by hand myself from open pollinated flowers grown here, all without chemicals of any kind. I have been growing here on the same plot in the northwest of England for over two decades and all of my flowers are grown outside.


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