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The scent of the sweet pea lifts the spirit and soothes the soul. I’ve been growing them for over twenty years and can’t imagine the garden without them in the summer. There isn’t a bloom that packs so much fragrance into such a small flower.

There are a number of different types of sweet pea and I concentrate on growing the most fragrant varieties so you can be sure of growing blooms that will fill your garden and home with fragrance.

Grow near a doorway or frequently used part of the garden for maximum perfume potential.


Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Peas mixed

Hardy Annual

Height 2m

Colours mixed including deepest inky blue through purple, pink and white

Heavily perfumed

Grow in a sunny open spot with support such as a trellis.

Sow indoors October – November or March – April about 2cm below the surface, into deep pots. Sweet peas can be sown directly in the ground but are particularly irresistible to mice and slugs so must be protected.

Grow in a cool, bright spot. Too warm and with insufficient light will result in weak, spindly growth.

Harden plants off and plant out in spring when ground is workable.

Spacing 10cm

Approx number of seeds 20

Cut blooms regularly to encourage more flowers to form.

Vase Life up to 4 days


Delivery to UK addresses only.

Cherry Tree Flower Farm is registered with and inspected by APHAS.



All of the seeds that I sell here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm are the ones that I use myself on the flower field to be grown for bunches, bouquets and other arrangements. Some are seeds that I source from commercial suppliers and a growing number are those that I harvest by hand myself from open pollinated flowers grown here, all without chemicals of any kind. I have been growing here on the same plot in the northwest of England for over two decades and all of my flowers are grown outside.

Sweet Peas

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