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Sunflower Valentine is a wonderful bloom to grow in your garden!


Helianthus annuus - Sunflower valentine

Hardy Annual

Height approx 150cm

Colour lemon yellow flower with dark centre


Valentine is perfect for sunflower fans that also like to cut a few blooms for the vase. Its branching habit means that it produces numerous blooms along its stem rather than just one giant bloom at the top. Each flower is approx 15cm across making them the ideal size for a garden gathered bouquet for your home or a pretty bunch to give to a friend.


Sow in a sunny spot from late April where they are to flower and protect from slugs or sow earlier undercover in posts an transplant once risk of frost has passed. Space 30 - 40cm apart. On windy or exposed gardens the stems may require support.

Sow successionally for flowers all summer and into the autumn.

Sunflowers will grow better in the ground but if growing in pots, ensure that the pot is large enough and is well supported.


Flowers from July to September.

For the longest vase life, cut blooms just as the first petals start to open.


Approx 20 seeds per packet.


Delivery to UK addresses only.

If you live locally and would like to collect your seeds in person rather than paying for postage, just drop me a message to arrange.



All of the seeds that I sell here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm are the ones that I use myself on the flower field to be grown for bunches, bouquets and other arrangements. Some are seeds that I source from commercial suppliers and a growing number are those that I harvest by hand myself from open pollinated flowers grown here, all without chemicals of any kind. I have been growing here on the same plot in the northwest of England for over two decades and all of my flowers are grown outside.

Sunflower Valentine

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