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Latin name Nigella damascena
Common names Love - in a - mist
Hardy Annual
Height 60cm
Colour Pink, purple, blue and white
Scent minimal
Location well drained soil in full sun.
Sow March to June or August to
Spacing 15cm
No need to pinch out. Cut central stems first when they are ready.
Harvest when blooms are in full flower as buds will not open once cut. Leave flowers on the stems if seed pods are required for drying.
Vase Life up to 7 days


Nigella damascena is an easy to grow hardy annual. Sow it in autumn for early summer flowers or sow in spring for mid to late summer. These flowers prefer to be sown where they are to bloom, in a sunny sheltered spot. Clear them a weed free space and sow, covering lightly with soil. Sow some seeds in autumn and some in spring to give you flowers from June right through to September.
Its unusual star shaped flowers and feathery foliage make for beautiful vase arrangements, either on their own or with other blooms.
Nigella also produces wonderful seed pods which are valuable dried for winter arrangements.


Delivery to UK addresses only.

Cherry Tree Flower Farm is registered with and inspected by APHA.


All of the seeds that I sell here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm are the ones that I use myself on the flower field to be grown for bunches, bouquets and other arrangements. Some are seeds that I source from commercial suppliers and a growing number are those that I harvest by hand myself from open pollinated flowers grown here, all without chemicals of any kind. I have been growing here on the same plot in the northwest of England for over two decades and all of my flowers are grown outside.

Nigella damascena seeds

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