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Natural Petal Confetti individual sachet containing 1 handful of petals.

A wonderfully natural, biodregadable, beautiful addition to any wedding celebrations. Natural dried petal confetti floats wonderfully allowing for fabulous confetti photos.

All of the flowers used were grown here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm without the use of chemicals.

After picking by hand, the flower petals are naturally dried then packaged for you to use at the wedding. They can also be used in a variety of  applications including as a decorative lightly fragrant petal pot pourri, or as inclusions and decorations for candle and soap making, floating in an indulgent bath etc.


These petals have no additives whatsoever so only have a very light natural fragrance. 

Packaging is in British made glassine sachets - plastic free, compostable and recyclable.

All colours are natural and will gently fade over time. Please note that some petals may transfer their natural colour when wet.

Store petals in a dry place away from direct light and strong smells.


Natural Petal Confetti individual sachet

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