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Latin name Leucanthemum
Common name  Shasta daisy
Hardy Perennial
Height 90cm
Colour white / yellow
Scent  very mild
Location  well drained soil in full sun.

Sow autumn or spring
Spacing 50cm
Pinching not necessary

Cut when blooms are open.
Vase Life  7 + days


These beautiful daisy like blooms are very easy to grow and will provide long lasting cut flowers for the house all summer long.
Sow the seeds into trays and lightly cover with composts. When large enough transplant seedlings into 9cm pots and plant out when risk of frost has passed.
Deadhead flowers regularly to ensure a constant flush of new blooms. At the end end of autumn cut the stems back to ground level.
Cut blooms when the petals are just opening and the yellow centre is completely flat, to give the longest possible vase life.


Delivery to UK addresses only.

Cherry Tree Flower Farm is registered with and inspected by APHAS.


All of the seeds that I sell here at Cherry Tree Flower Farm are the ones that I use myself on the flower field to be grown for bunches, bouquets and other arrangements. Some are seeds that I source from commercial suppliers and a growing number are those that I harvest by hand myself from open pollinated flowers grown here, all without chemicals of any kind. I have been growing here on the same plot in the northwest of England for over two decades and all of my flowers are grown outside.

Leucanthemum seeds

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