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Sustainable Grave Care

Throughout the year I offer sustainable floral arrangements for funerals and am occasionally asked to place flowers and wreaths directly on graves for those who are unable to do so themselves.

For this reason, I now offer a sustainable grave care service.

Using the same principles of sustainability and care for the environment, I will visit the grave of your loved one to complete the following:

* Light headstone cleaning to remove moss, bird droppings etc. This is done without chemicals using mild soapy water, a soft brush and cloth.

* Remove any weeds, fallen leaves and other debris.

* Trimming grass and removal of cuttings.

* Cleaning of existing vases or plant pots.

* Remove old flowers and placing of a bunch of locally grown cut flowers, foliage, berries etc in an existing container, according to the season.

* Place a handwritten message on a card.

Visits can be arranged as a one off or on a regular basis to any grave within the Bury / Bolton or North Manchester area. To book a visit please click here.

If you would like to discuss a visit further, please get in touch  or telephone 07788918024.

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