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Funeral Flowers


Flowers are a wonderful way to express our emotions, whether that’s joy or deep sadness. They have been used at funerals for thousands of years as a way of saying what is difficult to express. They offer love, sympathy and condolence as well as creating a beautiful, comforting, fragrant environment in which to celebrate the life lived and mourn the life lost.


Seasonal funeral flowers from Cherry Tree Flower Farm are as original as the life of your loved one. There is no catalogue of set designs as floral tributes are created individually, from seasonally available flowers and foliage.

I can deliver arrangements directly to the undertaker or your home, within the Bury and Bolton areas, or flowers can be collected from the farm.


As with all seasonal bouquets and arrangements that I offer, all of the flowers and foliage will have been grown here. If the deceased was a keen gardener, I am also happy to visit their garden to cut and include favourite plants in the arrangement.


Examples of floral tributes and prices:

Willow heart, wreath or cross with partial floral decoration. Price from £35

Casket spray – this arrangement sits on top of the coffin and can varied in both shape and size. It creates a 3 dimensional display that is attractive from any view point. Price from £55 per foot.

Casket Garland – this floral and / or foliage garland wraps around the outside edge of the coffin. From £15 per foot.

Sheaf – this is a flat bouquet used to lay on top of the coffin. It is designed to be viewed from above. From £45

Large arrangements can be created of individual posies if required for family to take home. Arrangements can also be created to be entirely biodegradable so suitable for green or woodland burials.

Please contact me initially by telephone or email and we can take things from there. You are under no obligation to place an order. We can arrange things entirely over the phone, you can visit me by appointment, or I can visit you, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Telephone 07788918024


Cover me with the Season


Cover me with springtime let the bright new colours sing,

Sweet lily of the valley and the fragrance it will bring,

Phacelia, forget-me-nots, peonies and blossom,

Bluebells, tulips, Amelanchier, a sight not soon forgotten.


Cover me with summer with each bloom warmed by the sun,

Calendulas, cosmos, sunflowers, chrysanthemums just begun,

Roses sweet with perfume, lavender and sweet peas,

And don’t forget the drama of the dahlias if you please.


Cover me with autumn when abundance starts to slow,

Seed heads, hips and ivy tips and honesty aglow,

Make my cover golden, show the autumn as it passes,

Copper beech and teasels, strawflowers and dried grasses.


Cover me with winter, evergreens and textured twigs,

Woven willow, mossy branches and mistletoe in sprigs,

Glossy prickly holly with its berries plump and bright,

Hellebores and violas , now that would be a sight.


Cover me with the season that the Lord did choose for me,

And I’ll make my way to heaven, as happy as can be.

poem by Rainy Williamson

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