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Flower Care

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Flower Care


Cherry Tree Flower Farm flowers are fresher than any bloom you could ever buy in a shop. They are cut, by hand, less than 24 hours before they reach you. Grown without artificial fertilisers or chemicals.

The following guide will help you to maximise the vase life of your flowers.

1. Remove flowers from their packaging. All packaging from Cherry Tree Flower Farm can be composted, reused or recycled.

2. Snip a small amount off each stem, at an angle, with sharp scissors.

3. Put flowers in a scrupulously clean vase with clean water, removing any foliage that might sit below the water level.

4. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight.

5. Keep flowers away from heat source i.e., don’t put next to a radiator.

6. Don’t put flowers next to the fruit bowl [the gasses given off by ripening fruit will minimize vase life].

7. Freshen the vase water every two days, discarding any deteriorating flowers. Some flowers have a naturally shorter vase life than others – this is perfectly natural and not a fault.

8.Keep flowers away from children and pets.

9. Do not eat any of the flowers or foliage.

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