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My Story


Since 2000 I have lived here on our little smallholding with my husband, raising a family and keeping a variety of animals for food and fun. We've kept pigs and turkeys, quails, ducks and geese. Sheep were our wool providers and lawn mowers for 10 years but our ever present companions are the hens - they provide us with delicious eggs, manure for the compost and are the very best organic system for keeping unwanted pests out of the soil. For the 20 plus years we've lived here, growing flowers, herbs and vegetables has been a year round activity.

I've long since been interested in where my food came from, and as a lover of cut flowers, I was becoming concerned about the impact that imported flowers have on the environment. That's when the seed for Cherry Tree Flower Farm was sown.

I now grow country garden style flowers for bunches and bouquets, funerals and small weddings, as sustainably as I can, which means working in such a way as impacts the earth and it's environment as little as possible. Rain water is saved to help irrigate plants in the summer and no floral foam or single use plastics are used. Any packaging that is used to wrap our flowers is always plastic free and biodegradable. Unless otherwise specified, all  flowers and foliage used in bouquets, floristry and workshops are grown here on the smallholding.

I also grow a number of  willow varieties for use in basketry, workshops and floral arrangements.

No chemicals are used in growing here, instead we rely on enriching the soil each year with home made compost, comfrey tea and well rotted manure from our chickens. When we need to buy in compost, we use peat free. 

I aim to provide stylish, sustainable, fragrant flowers for people who care about the environment and am always happy to answer any queries you might have.

Rainy Williamson

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